Welcome to Sievers Development

Born within an industrial and finance family, we have long been familiar with technology, industry financial services, but also with tourism at the local level. We have good knowledge about the site and technology requirements in Switzerland, Europe and the big Asian countries.

We advise you on your business model, in export finance, in your financial and personnel management, in raising capital and in the succession management of your own business. To create value at all levels is our goal.

We offer support in the following areas:

Independence and efficiency
We are an independent, slim and self-financed organization, have an international and a local network and draw on local and foreign specialists when it comes to complex issues, such as transfer pricing and taxation. We avoid conflicts of interest, ensure confidence and prepare customer-oriented decisions.

People First
With the support of modern methodology and team-based coaching-tools we help your people to find the right position in business and in your company. Together with you and based on analysis we develop main, alternative and integrated strategies and design the corresponding best fit organization. We create acceptance within your teams and, where necessary, we take an active part and represent you on an agency basis, e.g. on a board of directors or in specialised advisory boards. We help you with all aspects of executive management development, and also in succession planning.