Sievers Development ltd
is a young company and we are pleased to get to know talented young practitioners and / or recent graduates: We have high ethical standards and represent our cultural values to the outside.

  • We provide first class services.
  • We are team based and have a self-esteem as entrepreneurs.
  • We have fun.
  • We are open to the world, build on our culture and appreciate the values of other countries.
  • We are tenacious.

Success factors:
The success factors of the young entrepreneur:

  • A bright idea.
  • Reported trade and industry know-how.
  • A business plan-the essential barrier.
  • Perseverance and tenacity in pursuing the objectives.
  • Willingness to above-average labor input.
  • Rigorous budget discipline.
  • Belief in his abilities, but not exagerated self-esteem.
  • The desire to sell his idea.
  • Courage to tackle new things and take risks.
  • Ability to say no.

BILANZ 21/10, 11/19/2010